Stanley Grauman Weinbaum (1902–1935) was born in Louisville, Kentucky. His romantic novel, The Lady Dances, was written 1933, but he is best known for his first science fiction story, A Martian Odyssey, which was published to great acclaim in the July 1934 issue of Wonder Stories. Isaac Asimov later described it as one of only three stories that changed the way all subsequent ones in the science fiction genre were written. It is the oldest short story selected by the Science Fiction Writers of America for inclusion in The Science Fiction Hall of Fame Volume One. Sadly, Weinbaum was dead from lung cancer within eighteen months of the publication of his most famous tale. He produced about a dozen more stories and several novels in his brief career, most of which were published posthumously in the next few years. His groundbreaking characterization of alien life was extremely influential to the field and established him as one of the great science fiction authors.

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