Canadian artist Noel Tuazon is a storyboard clean-up artist at Nelvana studios in Toronto. He has been working on and off within the comics industry since 1989, starting with Dave Sim’s Single Page section of Cerebus reprints. This was followed by two issues of Rafael Nieves’s Arianne, and the anthologies Taboo Especial, Dennis Eichorn’s Real Stuff, Reactor Girl, Frecklebean Stories, Fleshrot, and Drawing the Line. Major projects include the eight issue Elk’s Run (written by Joshua Fialkov) and the upcoming Tumor from Archaia Studios. Noel’s adaptation of Damon Runyon’s “Two Men Named Collins” appears in Adventure Classics. Noel says that although he still works in non-art related jobs to pay the bills, he’s optimistic he’ll someday be working full time just illustrating comics and children's books. Samples of his work can be viewed at

illustrations ©2005 Noel Tuazon