illustrations ©2012 Daryl Talbot



Daryl Talbot, cowboy cartoonist, is a native of Oklahoma, and is proud of his Choctaw and western heritage. He was initiated into the western life on his grandfather’s Oklahoma farm. “No electricity, no indoor plumbin’, farming with horses, wood stove heating, and a one-room schoolhouse — the good ol’ days!” Daryl is a graduate of Oklahoma State University, where he worked as a staff artist while attending school. He began his
professional cartooning career while serving in the U.S. Marines during the Vietnam era. He then served in the Navy, Air Force Reserve, Army Reserve and Oklahoma Air National Guard, and cartooned for all of them. His over twenty years of military cartooning has been published in the collection Laughing in Cadence (2009, New Forums Press). Talbot has also published two books of western cartoons, Oklahoma Cowboy Cartoons, and Daryl Talbot’s Cowboy Cartoons TOO. In 1997 he received the Will Rogers Cowboy Cartoonist of the Year Award from the Academy of Western Artists. You can find more of Daryl’s work at

Native American Classics:
Graphic Classics Volume 24
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