illustration ©2011 Dan Spiegle



Dan was born in Cosmopolis, Washington in 1920. “I spent most of my early school years in the redwoods of northern California, where my father owned a drugstore. That's where I first became interested in comics and illustration. My father had a large selection of pulp magazines which had some great cover illustrations, particularly westerns. In 1942 I joined the Navy, and after the war I started drawing a western strip, hoping to sell it to a syndicate. About that time Hopalong Cassidy was popular on TV and I was able to show its star, William Boyd, my work. He liked the idea of a comic strip, which became an instant success because of the ‘Hoppy’ name. I drew the daily and Sunday strip for five and a half years and then went on to comic books.” Dan worked for all the major comic publishers on titles including Blackhawk, Crossfire and Space Family Robinson. “The Holdup,” an early Hopalong Cassidy tale, is his first work for Graphic Classics.


Western Classics:
Graphic Classics Volume 20

144 pages, color, $15