©1993 Todd Schorr


Todd Schorr calls his painting style “cartoon realism.” He draws on the images of popular culture and is influenced by artists from Vermeer and Picasso to Robert Williams and Tex Avery. He began a successful professional career as a commercial illustrator, but soon left illustration behind to give vent to his personal obsessions in large-scale canvasses. Since moving from Connecticut to Los Angeles, he has become one of the leading practitioners of a broad movement commonly called “lowbrow art.” Todd's art was collected in 1998 for Secret Mystic Rites (Last Gasp Publishing). He says he first became aware of HPL in high school and became “totally consumed in his writings.” “When read now,” continues Todd, “Lovecraft’s work still retains the same spine-shivering thrills I first experienced.” Todd’s illustration appeared on the cover of the first edition of Graphic Classics: H.P. Lovecraft. You can view more of his art at