Graphic Classics: Rafael Sabatini

Seven Great Tales of Mystery and Swashbuckling Adventure!

Captain Blood
The origin of Sabatini's famed gentleman pirate in comics by
Rod Lott and Carlo Vergara

The Dream
A tale of love, murder and hypnotism, as illustrated by Rich Tommaso

The Risen Dead
A walking corpse and an abused woman's revenge,
adapted by Antonella Caputo and Jackie Smith

The Plague of Ghosts
A petty criminal turns ghost-hunter, illustrated by Gerry Alanguilan

The Valet Mystery
A blackmailer meets his match in a story adapted by Stanley Shaw

The Spiritualist
Is it spiritualism, or charlatanism? Illustrated by Roger Langridge

The Fool's Love Story
A jester's unrequitted love, presented by Milton Knight,
and starring his characters Hugo and Trish!

Plus a biography of Rafael Sabatini in comics by
Mort Castle and Kevin Atkinson

With additional art by Hunt Emerson and a
dramatic cover painting of Captain Blood by Joel F. Naprstek

“Graphic Classics is a fine series, and Rafael Sabatini is no exception; readers unfamiliar with Sabatini’s work are in for a treat.”
— George Galuschak, Kliatt

“If you want entertainment, it’s all here! …a gorgeous book of
unforgettable images, the most sparkling literary debut of the year!”
— Paul Dale Roberts, Jazma Online


144 pages, b&w
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