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Born Alfred Damon Runyan in 1884, Runyon changed the spelling of his surname to match a typo in the Pueblo Evening Press where he worked at age 15, having been expelled from school in the sixth grade. In 1898 he lied about his age to enlist for the Spanish-American war and was sent to the Philippines, the background for Two Men Named Collins, published in 1907. He returned to Colorado and worked as a newspaper reporter in Denver until moving to New York in 1910, to become a sportswriter for the New York American. It is on Broadway where Runyon found the colorful characters who populated the tales of gambling and petty crime that made him most famous, including The Idyll of Miss Sarah Brown, which became the Broadway play Guys and Dolls in 1950, with a movie version in 1955. Runyon was the premier journalist of his time, and at the peak of his career his newspaper column had a daily readership of over ten million.

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