©2002 Jeff Remmer



Jeff grew up on a steady diet of horror, fantasy and science fiction thanks in part to his mom’s love of movies and his own infatuation with the Warren magazines. “My mom kept a crayon drawing of mine from when I was five of a fire-breathing dragon destroying a hill full of houses.” From there he would draw his own scenarios of favorite movies and TV shows. After discovering Frazetta, Corben and Whelan, he knew he wanted to be an illustrator, and furthered his education at the University of New Mexico. He has contributed to Malibu Comics, Wizards of the Coast, Image Comics and various fantasy magazines. Jeff has been a full time video game artist since 1993, working for Sega and now Sony Computer Entertainment in San Diego. For the last two years he has been concentrating on painting characters and scenes from the writings of Lovecraft and is writing and illustrating his own Lovecraftian story. Jeff's art appears in the first edition of Graphic Classics: H.P. Lovecraft.