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Texas writer Robert Ervin Howard is best-known as the creator of Conan the Barbarian™ and the father of the sword and sorcery genre. He also wrote hundreds of poems, three novels, and over three hundred stories in the genres of fantasy, horror, mystery, boxing, historical adventure and westerns. His work was originally published in the pulp magazines, most notably Weird Tales, and from the late 1920s to the mid-1930s Howard was the most popular fiction writer in America. In 1930, he began a correspondence with fellow Weird Tales author and mentor H.P. Lovecraft, which continued until Howard’s death. Howard lived all his life with his mother, who suffered from tuberculosis. When she fell into a coma in 1936, the distraught Howard committed suicide at age 30. The story of his later years is told in the film The Whole Wide World (1996). “Knife River Prodigal” was originally published posthumously in Cowboy Stories magazine in July 1937.

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