from The Speckled Band by Nestor Redondo
illustrations ©1974 Educational Insights




Originally trained as an architect, in the 1950s Nestor Redondo joined his brothers in the Philippines comics business. He went on to become the most highly regarded and respected of all artists in the Philippines and founded a studio where nearly every major Filipino artist of the time apprenticed under him. In the early 1970s Redondo began working for DC comics in the U.S., where he illustrated Tarzan, Swamp Thing, and the beautiful short series Rima, The Jungle Girl.

In 1972 editor Vincent Fago discovered his work and visited Redondo in the Philippines. They began a collaboration on Fago's Pendulum Illustrated Classics series of comics adaptations for children. The story presented in the first edition of Graphic Classics: Arthur Conan Doyle was originally done for that series in 1974 and was reformatted with the original Doyle text restored by art director Tom Pomplun. The introduction to the book is a tribute to Redondo by Vincent Fago, illustrated by Filipino artist Arnold Arre. Nestor Redondo died at the end of 1995.