illustrations ©2011 Ronn Sutton



Canadian artist Ronn Sutton continues to strive to be an “overnight success” after several decades of drawing comics. He has drawn probably close to 200 comic book stories, working for a variety of publishers including a nine year stint of drawing Elvira, Mistress of the Dark for Claypool Comics. Many of these were written by his longtime love, Janet L. Hetherington. Sutton’s first published comics go back to the early 1970s and he has drawn horror, romance, adventure, science fiction and humor comics (as well as comics based on The Man From U.N.C.L.E., Sherlock Holmes, Vampira and others). For seven years he also did freelance courtroom sketches for newspapers and tv, including the trial of Momin Khawaja, the first man in Canada convicted of terrorism. He recently drew a series of Honey West comics based on the 1960s books and tv series starring the late Anne Francis. “The Tell-Tale Heart” is Sutton's first work for Graphic Classics. See more of his art at:

Poe’s Tales of Mystery:
Graphic Classics Volume 21

144 pages, color, $15