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Actor and screenwriter Jon Santaanta Proudstar (www.facebook.
) says his forebears are a mix of Yaqui, Mayan, Jewish and Latino. He is a native of Tucson, and a film making veteran of 25 years. Jon has acted in over 28 motion pictures and television shows. He has appeared in four independently produced films that have been selected for the Sundance Film Festival and in 2009 released his first feature film, So Close to Perfect. In 1996 Jon created the comic book Tribal Force, illustrated by Ryan Huna Smith. “I was about eight years old when I started thinking of Indian heroes. As I got older I began to ask myself why there weren’t any Indian heroes in the Marvel or DC universe,” says Jon. “Although full of blood, guts and green ooze like most, our comic tried to offer positive role models for Native American youths who must learn to survive in two cultures.” In 2009 Tribal Force was inducted into the Smithsonian Institute’s Natives In Pop Culture collection.


Native American Classics:
Graphic Classics Volume 24
144 pages, color, $15