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Alexander Lawrence Posey (1873–1908) was born in the Creek Nation of Oklahoma, the son of a Creek-Chickasaw mother and a white father who had been raised in the Creek Nation. Alex grew up speaking only Creek until age fourteen, when his father enrolled him in the Creek national boarding school in Eufaula. He excelled in school, and in 1902 bought the Indian Journal, a weekly newspaper he edited and published. Through the newspaper he established himself as a dialect humorist, and his columns were reprinted in papers throughout the country. After selling the Indian Journal in 1903 he served as a field worker for the Dawes Commission, then a real estate agent, and again a newspaper editor. Though he was best known as a journalist, Posey also wrote more than 250 poems and a number of prose works. He was the most widely known Native American writer of his day.

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