illustration ©2011 M.Wayne Miller



M. Wayne Miller made his mark in the ’90s as a consummate b/w illustrator for numerous book and magazine publishers as well as several role-playing game publishers. While the b/w market was a fine place to cut one’s freelance illustrator’s teeth, and he did well, it was a stepping-stone to the more competitive color illustration market. After an artistic conversion to color work, Wayne re-emerged as a cover illustrator for specialty press and mass-market book publishers, as well as for role playing games, online publications, and private commissions. In 2009, he made the conversion to all-digital workflow, and traded physical brushes for virtual ones. His list of clients includes Dark Regions Press, Tor/Forge, Marietta Publishing, LORE Publishing, Genius Publishing, Journalstone Publishing, Gamewick Games, Dias Ex Machina, Chaosium, and Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show. Wayne intends to add many more pleased clients to this list in the coming year, and continuing his quest to learn and grow as an artist and illustrator. He lives in Greensboro NC with his wife, Carmen, and a very large cat.

Wayne’s Sherlock Holmes art appears on the bookmark accompanying Graphic Classics: Arthur Conan Doyle, and on his website at