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Peter Mueller’s cartoons have been sneaking their way into publication for thirty years, appearing in magazines and newspapers ranging from Temp Slave and The Bark to The New Yorker and George. Though largely known as a staple of the alternative press, Mueller, celebrating his twentieth year with the Chicago Reader, has recently made inroads into such mainstream publications as USA Weekend, Air and Space, Hemispheres, and Men’s Journal. His cartoons and self-proclaimed "horrible ideas" have been included in three collections of his own as well as numerous anthologies of cartoons and humor. Mueller’s cartoons appear daily on the web at

A former radio announcer, Mueller allied himself with the Madison, Wisconsin-based Onion several years ago, serving as a writer and cast member of the Onion’s Radio Pirates. Currently, as anchor/savant Doyle Redland, Mueller has narrated the audio versions of the best-selling Our Dumb Century and Finest News Reporting and hosted and co-wrote the Onion Radio News, which is syndicated to over ninety stations by Westwood One.

Pete made his debut in Rosebud magazine with his illustrated autobiography, A Brief History of Me in Issue 18. And with Issue 20 he began his regular Go Figure column, which continues to date.


Graphic Classics: Ambrose Bierce
(second edition)
144 pages, b&w, $10


Rosebud Issue #18
136 pages, $7