illustration ©2003 Mitch O'Connell

illustrations ©1993 Mitch O'Connell



Chicago artist Mitch O’Connell's illustrations have appeared everywhere from “traditional” comics by Charlton and DC to Heavy Metal to “cutting edge” publications like Deadline and Juxtapoz. He published his first “graphic novel”, The World of Ginger Fox in 1986 and followed that with two collections, Good Taste Gone Bad in 1993 and Pwease Wuv Me! in 1998. He has recently been concentrating on tattoo designs and released his second "Tattoo Flash" package, Done While Drunk in 2002.

Mitch’s tattoo-style illustration of Dracula appears in Graphic Classics: Bram Stoker. Newspaper Blues, a unique experiment in recycling by O’Connell was reprinted in Rosebud 18. The deceptively simple, elegant drawings were originally done, not as a comic strip, but over a six-year period as spot illustrations for Rick Kogan’s Around Town column in the Sunday Chicago Tribune. Mitch assembled a collection of the spots and asked Rick to write a narrative, foolishly pleading “write anything you want, but not about me!”

O’Connell continues to lay waste to the axiom that “No one could be that handsome and that talented.” Visit his website at to see samples of exciting commercial art (“from Newsweek to MTV”), mesmerizing gallery shows (“from New York to the UK”), tantalizing tattoo designs (“from head to toe”), breathtaking bobbing head dolls (“from up to down and also left to right”) and much, much more. In his spare time Mitch says he enjoys yelling at the neighborhood children to stay off his lawn.


Graphic Classics: Bram Stoker
(second edition)
144 pages, b&w, $10


Rosebud Issue #18
136 pages, $7