Michael Martin should be familiar to our regular Rosebud readers from his Afterwords strip, a regular feature he began in Issue 13. “I was born in a small and rather skewed northern Wisconsin town,” says Mike. “From the point of childhood on, I relieved my frustrations through cartooning and filling notebooks with observational humor. Although I’ve tried my hand at comic strips, I prefer the compactness and versatility of single panel cartoons.” The samples reproduced in Rosebud 18 show an evolution in Mike’s drawing from the heavy-outline, underground-influenced look of his collegiate cartoons to the more stylized line of his current cartooning, which Mike predicts, “I’ll probably be doing until they pry the pen out of my arthritic hands in the nursing home.” Mike took a well-deserved rest from Afterwords with Issue 21, and the series was continued from Rosebud 22 to date by artist Rick Geary.

©2000 Michael Martin
Rosebud 18
136 pages, $8

©2001 Michael Martin