Graphic Classics: Jack London


Featuring three new comics adaptations:

The Red One — a jungle adventurer finds a visitor from the stars,
beautifully illustrated by Mark A. Nelson

To Kill a Man — a noir tale, in a new comics version
by Greek artist Kostas Aronis

The Wit of Porportuk — passion and revenge in the far North,
illustrated by Arnold Arre

And returning from the first edition:

That Spot — adapted by Antonella Caputo,
and completely redrawn for this edition by Nick Miller

Jan, the Unrepentant — Klondike slapstick adapted by Hunt Emerson

A Thousand Deaths — science fiction adapted by J.B. Bonivert

The Handsome Cabin Boy — a traditional sea chantey becomes a story
by Jack London, adapted by Trina Robbins and Anne Timmons

Just Meat — a falling out between thieves, adapted by Onsmith Jeremi

Moon-Face — a story of moral antipathy, wildly illustrated
by Milton Knight

The “Francis Spaight” — cannibalism on the high seas,
adapted by John W. Pierard

Plus illustrations by Spain Rodriguez, Peter Kuper, Roger Langridge,
and a stunning cover painting by Jim Nelson

“This collection, illustrated by some of comics’ biggest names, reminds readers
that Jack London’s fiction consists of more than sled dogs, snow, and ice.”
— Cathy Buskar, Booklist

Second Edition

144 pages, b&w
Retail price $11.95
only $10

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