illustration ©2012 Terry LaBan



Terry LaBan ( has been a professional cartoonist since 1986, when he began freelancing political cartoons for the Ann Arbor News. LaBan gained notice in the comics community with the publication of his series, Unsupervised Existence in 1989, followed by Cud in 1992. His comics, cartoons, and humorous illustrations have appeared in magazines and anthologies including Blab, Mad, Nickelodeon Magazine and Details. He’s been staff illustrator and political cartoonist for the alternative weekly In These Times since 1990. In 2001, King Features syndicated Edge City, a daily comic strip about modern family life drawn by Terry and co-written with his wife, Patty LaBan. It continues to run in papers throughout the country, and a paperback collection was published in 2007. Terry’s latest book is Muktuk Wolfsbreath, Hard Boiled Shaman: The Spirit of Boo, a collection of stories about a Siberian shaman and detective. Muktuk’s adventures can be viewed online at


Native American Classics:
Graphic Classics Volume 24
144 pages, color, $15