illustrations ©1975 George Kuchar



George Kuchar and his twin brother, Mike, were born in Manhattan in 1942. George was trained as a commercial artist in a vocational high school and upon graduation drew weather maps for a local news show. All during this dark period he and his brother were making 8mm movies which were showcased in the then-burgeoning underground scene alongside films by Andy Warhol, Kenneth Anger and Stan Brakhage. When laid off from the commercial art job he never returned to what he calls “that nightmare world.” Kuchar was offered a teaching job in the film department of the San Francisco Art Institute, where he taught from the early 1970s until his death in 2011. It was in San Francisco that George became involved with underground comics via his neighbors Art Spiegelman and Bill Griffith. They both wound up in his movies and George wound up in their publications. His comics biography of HPL, reprinted in the first edition of Graphic Classics: H.P. Lovecraft, first appeared in Arcade #3 in 1975, where it garnered a flood of complaints from offended Lovecraft loyalists.