illustration ©2011 Jimmie Robinson



Jimmie Robinson is a California native, born in 1963. Raised in Oakland, he attended special art magnet programs since
elementary school, starting with Mosswood Arts, Renaissance Middle School and Concordia High School. He graduated at age sixteen, and directly pursued his art career with home study and college classes. Jimmie married at 21, had a daughter and put his art career on hold while he worked for a printing company, First Western Graphics/Prep-Sat Technologies, for thirteen years. Prep-Sat was a forerunner in the digital desktop publishing era and Robinson learned the craft from the ground up. This facilitated his return to the arts and he created Jet Black Graphics, which led to his career with Image Comics as a creator of both superhero and all-ages children’s comics including Amanda & Gunn, Code Blue, Evil & Malice, Avigon and Bomb Queen. See more of Jimmie’s work at

African-American Classics:
Graphic Classics Volume 22

144 pages, color, $15