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2004 Peter Gullerud




A self-taught artist, Peter went straight from one year of theological college to Disney Studios, where he worked his way up to the position of visual development artist on feature films including Aladdin. He later moved to Warner Brothers Studios, where he worked on Space Jam and Iron Giant. He eventually left animation behind to concentrate on his personal work, including wildlife art. His involvement with California's Mountain Lion Foundation led to a thirteen-month stay as nightwatchman at Tippi Hedren’s Shambala nature preserve, caring for lions, tigers and elephants. Peter’s paintings have been shown in galleries nationwide, his Grootlore comics have been collected by Fantagraphics, and his Hueby comic strip has appeared in papers including the Chicago Reader.

Graphic Classics:
Robert Louis Stevenson

(second edition)
144 pages, b&w, $10


Graphic Classics: O. Henry
144 pages,
b&w, $10