Native American Classics:
Graphic Classics Volume 24

Great Stories and Poems from America’s Earliest Authors

illustrations ©2012 John Findley

illustrations ©2012 Weshoyot Alvitre

illustrations ©2012 Tara Audibert

illustrations ©2012 Jim McMunn & Timothy Truman

illustrations ©2012 Daryl Talbot

illustrations ©2012 Toby Cypress

illustrations ©2012 Marty Two Bulls

illustrations ©2012 Afua Richardson

illustrations ©2012 Roy Boney, Jr.

illustrations ©2012 Pat N. Lewis

illustrations ©2012 Jay Odjick

illustrations ©2012 Robby McMurtry

illustrations ©2012 Robby McMurtry

Sadly, artist Robby McMurtry was killed shortly after completing his art for Charles Eastman's “On Wolf Mountain”. We dedicate the book to his memory. Please visit the Robby McMurtry Memorial Page on Facebook.

illustration ©2012 Ryan Huna Smith



Editors Joseph Bruchac and John Smelcer have written an article entitled The Boarding School Experience in American Literature, which provides background information and explains themes that recur in several stories in Native American Classics.

Graphic Classics Volume 24

144 pages, full color