African-American Classics
Graphic Classics Volume 22

23 stories and poems by America's earliest black authors,
illustrated by contemporary black artists

from “On Being Crazy”
illustrations ©2011 Kyle Baker

from “Two Americans”
illustrations ©2011 Trevor Von Eeden

from “Shalmanezer”
illustrations ©2011 Lance Tooks

from “The Goophered Grapevine”
illustrations ©2011 Shepherd Hendrix

from “In the Matter of Two Men”
illustrations ©2011 Kenjji

“The Reward”
illustration ©2011 Mac McGill

from “The Negro”
illustrations ©2011 Stan Shaw

from “Danse Africaine”
illustrations ©2011 Afua Richardson

from “A Carnival Jangle”
illustrations ©2011 Lance Tooks

“The Castaways”
illustration ©2011 Glenn Brewer

illustration ©2011 John Jennings

from “Lawing and Jawing”
illustrations ©2011 Arie Monroe

from “Lex Talionis”
illustrations ©2011 Jim Webb

from “Becky”
illustrations ©2011 Randy DuBurke

“We Wear the Mask”
illustrations ©2011 Larry Poncho Brown

from “Buyers of Dreams”
illustrations ©2011 Leilani Hickerson

“The Bronze Legacy”
illustration ©2011 Keith Mallett

from “Sanctum 777 N.S.D.C.O.U. Meets Cleopatra”
illustrations ©2011 Kevin J. Taylor

from “De Cunjah Man”
illustrations ©2011 Masheka Wood

from “Filling Station”
illustrations ©2011 Milton Knight

from “The Ghost of Deacon Brown”
illustrations ©2011 Jeremy Love

“Aunt Chloe’s Politics”
illustrations ©2011 Titus V. Thomas


Graphic Classics Volume 22

144 pages, FULL COLOR
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