Science Fiction Classics
Graphic Classics Volume Seventeen – Digital Edition


Seven Visions of the Future:

The War of the Worlds
by H.G. Wells
An all-new comics adaptation of SF's most famous invasion story,
adapted by Rich Rainey and illustrated, in his GC debut, by Micah Farritor

In the Year 2889
A rare short story by SF great Jules Verne,
adapted by Tom Pomplun, illustrated by Johnny Ryan,
colored by Kevin Atkinson

A Martian Odyssey
Stanley G. Weinbaum’s famed tale of alien life,
adapted by Ben Avery and illustrated by George Sellas

The Machine Stops
A cautionary fable by E.M. Forster, author of “A Passage to India”,
adapted by Tom Pomplun and illustrated by Ellen Lindner,
in her first GC assignment

The Shadow and the Flash
A tale of invisibility and morality by Jack London,
adapted and illustrated by Matt Howarth

How I Overcame My Gravity
A miraculous invention by Fitz-James O'Brien,
adapted and illustrated by Milton Knight

Plus a short-short by famed fairy-tale author
Hans Christian Anderson,
illustrated by Hunt Emerson

“This is a fun and easy way to revisit science fiction stories you haven’t read
in ages, or perhaps haven’t read at all. These aren’t dumbed down or tedious;
they're respectful of the author’s original vision, but also of the modern reader.
The quality is just astounding from start to finish.”
— Andrea Speed, ComiXtreme

Graphic Classics Volume Seventeen
– Digital Edition

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