“Innovative visual entrées to great writers and their legacies.”
— Stephanie Zvirin, Booklist

“A splendidly inventive series.”
— Malcolm Jones, Newsweek

“The Discovery of the Year, for me, is Eureka Productions’ series of
Graphic Classics... Stunning black-and-white work for the most part by people we don’t see enough of often enough.”
— R.C. Harvey, The Comics Journal “Best of 2009” column

“Who has time to read the classics? Everyone, now that
Eureka Productions has created the Graphic Classics series.”
— Carolyn Bailey, ForeWord Magazine

“I love books that have been crafted with care, and it gives me
pleasure simply to look, hold, and flip through the beautiful objects
that are the Graphic Classics.”
— Claude Lalumière, Black Gate

“…the production standards are top notch and the talent illustrating
these stories are fantastic.”
— Comic Book Galaxy

“These are handsomely-crafted books presenting terrific stories.”
— Tony Isabella, Comics Buyer’s Guide

“Graphic Classics is a Classics Illustrated for the modern era:
they only give you the good stuff.”
— Christos N. Gage, Feoamante.com

“This is what ultimately makes the Graphic Classics so special —
each volume contains at least one story that will be unfamiliar to
even the most voracious reader.”
— Randy Sluganski, JustAdventure.com

“...a policy of quality art and writing that compares with Kurtzman’s EC Comics and other high points of the form.”
— Alan Rankin, Poopsheet

“Eureka Productions is one of the finest publishers in the business.
Their Graphic Classics line is affordable, tactfully put together and
carefully edited. These books should be in every school and
public library throughout the land.”
— Dana Tillusz, ComicReaders.com

“Every time one of these volumes is released, I find myself repeating the same mantra: ‘I have got to let people know how good this is!’”
— Jack Abrahamowitz, Comics Buyer’s Guide

“Each volume presents a varied and sometimes fascinating new look
at the author's work.”
— Don D’Amassa, Chronicle

"In the comics world we often decry the loss of appropriate works
for children. Well here is a publisher that makes classics approachable
to all ages and might even be bringing literary minded adults into
the world of comics."
— Alex Ness, PopThought.com

“In short, every volume is highly recommended.”
— Paul Buhle, Rain Taxi

“I'd say we're finally getting a worthy successor to the old
Classics Illustrated line. More, please.”
— Greg McElhatton, iComics

Graphic Classics: Edgar Allan Poe
“From horror to humor each tale is a powerful combination of prose
and picture that brings Poe's tales to life. It's not to be missed.”
— Boyce McClain, Collectors’ Corner

Graphic Classics: Arthur Conan Doyle
“An enjoyable introduction to the world of ACD or a vivid reminder of it...
Good fun and good value.”
— David Stuart Davies, Sherlock Magazine

Graphic Classics: H.G. Wells
“...a pictorial feast of interpretation... also a superb introduction to
young people of the magic of Wells’s stories.”
— John S. Partington, The Wellsian

Graphic Classics: H.P. Lovecraft
“If you're a fan of HPL, this is a must-have, and if you're not,
this book will make you one.”
— John O’Neill, Knights of the Dinner Table

Graphic Classics: Jack London
“This collection, illustrated by some of comics' biggest names,
reminds readers that Jack London's fiction consists of more than
sled dogs, snow, and ice.”
— Cathy Buskar, Booklist

Graphic Classics: Ambrose Bierce
“The artwork is sensational, some of it beautiful, and all of it clever.”
— Don Swain, The Ambrose Bierce Site

Graphic Classics: Bram Stoker
“Stark black-and-white imagery by a variety of different artists
adds a stringent and often visually provocative touch to these
spine-chilling narrations.”
— James A. Cox, Midwest Book Review

Graphic Classics: Mark Twain
“A terrific lineup of artists and unbeatable material... a collection of
Mark Twain’s work that should delight graphic novel fans and anyone
seeking to boost their general cultural knowledge.”
— Publishers Weekly

Graphic Classics: Robert Louis Stevenson
“Defenders of graphic novels in libraries can point to works such
as these as proof that graphic novels have literary merit. However;
there is another reason to recommend this graphic novel:
it's a good, entertaining read”
— George Galuschak, Kliatt

Horror Classics:
Graphic Classics Volume Ten
“Perfect pacing make this another home run from the
Graphic Classics team."
— Publishers Weekly

Graphic Classics: O. Henry
“Graphic Classics proves that the graphic novel can take existing
material and re-present it as if it’s new. The versatility of illustrators,
mixed with the myriad methods of re-telling the source material, offer
an engaging visual exploration of O. Henry’s short stories.”
— C. Nathan Coyle, Rambles

Adventure Classics:
Graphic Classics Volume Twelve
“Each story has something to recommend it. If it’s not a favorite classic author or story, it’s the graphics that accompany it. Most of the time though, it’s both.”
Michael May, Comic World News

Graphic Classics: Rafael Sabatini
“The adaptations are short but effective, retaining the excitement
and suspense of the originals, while the illustrations enhance
the atmosphere... Artists and adapters alike have done a fine job
in translating Sabatini’s works yet again for a new audience.”
— Marlene Y. Satter, ForeWord Magazine

Gothic Classics:
Graphic Classics Volume Fourteen
“Mystery, terror, imprisonment, death: the great gothic themes are
explored in these five well-chosen, seminal tales.”
— Publishers Weekly

Fantasy Classics:
Graphic Classics Volume Fifteen
“In just 46 pages, Lott and Olsen convey the mood and meaning of Frankenstein as well as any movie adaptation ever has.”
— Noel Murray, AV Club

Graphic Classics: Oscar Wilde
“Oscar Wilde’s biting humor has never needed much help being
translated beyond the page, but perhaps it’s such accessibility that
makes successful alterations all the more entertaining.
Alex Burrows’and Lisa K. Weber’s pitch-perfect version of
“The Picture of Dorian Gray” oozes with decadent irony.”
— Chelsea Bauch, FlavorWire

Science Fiction Classics:
Graphic Classics Volume Seventeen
“This is a fun and easy way to revisit science fiction stories you
haven’t read in ages, or perhaps haven’t read at all. These aren’t
dumbed down or tedious; they’re respectful of the author’s original
vision, but also of the modern reader. The quality is just
astounding from start to finish.”
— Andrea Speed, ComiXtreme

Graphic Classics: Louisa May Alcott
“Alcott is best remembered for Little Women, but she also wrote
florid gothic tales. Somewhat sappy by modern tastes, her work gains
verve through these lively, full-color renderings. Certainly in
Trina Robbins’ skillful version, Little Women’s pretty Jo March comes
through as a modern gal ahead of her time. Of the gothics, the standout
is “A Whisper in the Dark.” Here, Arnold Arre’s art shines with
style and coloring.”
— Martha Cornog, Library Journal