Tales from the Crypt #24 (1951)
cover art by Al Feldstein


Halloween Classics: Graphic Classics Volume 23 is a tribute to the seminal EC Comics horror books of the 1950s. EC was founded as Educational Comics in 1944 by Max Gaines. After his death, his son, William Gaines, took over, and in 1949 he hired editors Harvey Kurtzman and Al Feldstein, who also illustrated covers and stories. They expanded the line to include horror, war, crime, science fiction, and humor titles. But the most notorious of these were the horror comics Tales from the Crypt, Vault of Horror and Haunt of Fear. The horror books were introduced by a trio of hosts, the Crypt Keeper, the Vault Keeper and the Old Witch. The books soon drew the wrath of Dr. Frederick Wertham in his 1954 book, Seduction of the Innocent, which spawned Congressional hearings accusing them of promoting juvenile delinquency. The resulting Comics Code Authority drove all of EC’s titles out of business, with the exception of Mad magazine, which continues to this day. But the EC horror style spawned numerous imitators in comics including Warren’s Creepy and Eerie, DC’s House of Mystery and House of Secrets, and many of the underground comics of the 1960s and ’70s. Their influence also extended to other popular media, including the movies, Creepshow and Vault of Horror, and the
television show, Tales from the Crypt.


Halloween Classics:
Graphic Classics Volume 23

144 pages, color, $15