illustrations ©2002 Nicola Cuti



Born in Brooklyn in 1944 to first-generation Italian Americans, Nicola Cuti inherited his love of art from his father, a professional photographer. On completing his Air Force service in 1969, Nick joined eminent comics artist Wally Wood as an assistant. He later worked at Warren and DC comics, and in the early 1970s spent a notable period as assistant editor at Charlton Comics, where he co-created and scripted fan-favorite E-Man with artist Joe Staton. He then moved to California, where he has worked as an animation background designer for Disney, Universal, and other studios.

Cuti continued to freelance illustration for magazines including Twilight Zone, Alfred Hitchcock and Amazing Stories. He created a space opera, Captain Cosmos, the Last Starveyer, as a television pilot and a comic book with Joe Staton. Nick’s Time Machine illustrations were originally begun fifteen years ago, and completed especially for the first edition of Graphic Classics: H.G. Wells.

“When I was a child I read the Classics Illustrated version of The Time Machine drawn by Lou Cameron,” says Nick. “Not only did the illustrations fascinate me, but the idea that a person could build such a marvelous machine in his own basement spurred me into thinking time travel was within my reach. When Berni Wrightson came out with his beautifully illustrated version of Frankenstein I was inspired to dedicate myself to illustrating my own favorite novel and here are the results.”