The graphic version of W.P. Kinsella's story Dance Me Outside presented in Rosebud 22 is illustrated by multitalented Canadian artist Nick Craine. Nick was born in Toronto and studied illustration at the Ontario College of Art. After only a year of art school he left for England where he painted and exhibited his work in London, while surviving as an insurance salesman for the government. He also found work painting cels for several Frosted Flakes commercials, but soon realized his heart wasn’t in this type of work. Nick returned to Canada in 1990, where he began a career as an illustrator and created his first comic, The Cheeseheads.

Director Bruce McDonald was impressed with Nick’s work and commissioned him to illustrate the comics adaptation of his film Dance Me Outside (1994, Black Eye Productions). Two years later Nick did the same for McDonald’s Hard Core Logo, the story of the rise and fall of a Canadian punk-rock band (Portrait of a Thousand Punks: Hard Core Logo, 1997, Anansi Press).

Craine is also an accomplished musician. In 1993 he founded the popular eight-piece rock band Black Cabbage. After six years, two albums, and thousands of miles of touring, Nick left Black Cabbage and released his first solo album, November Moon (Maple Records), to a sold-out room, live-to-tape for CBC’s Bandwidth. I

Nick took what he learned from his collaborations with Bruce McDonald and from the “poor man’s cinema” of comics and has begun a new career as a director of music videos.

Rosebud Issue #22

136 pages, $8

©1994 Rez Films Ltd. and Black Eye Productions