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Bertrand N.O. Walker (1870–1927) came from a distinguished Wyandot family, but in 1843 his parents were removed from Ohio to Kansas, where he was born. At age four, he and his family were then removed to the Quapaw Agency in Indian Territory, Missouri. Walker received his education at a local mission school, public schools and a private academy in Seneca. His higher education was obtained under a private tutor; a former college professor. Beginning in 1890, until his death, Walker worked for the Office of Indian Affairs. He was also a teacher in reservation schools, and a clerk for the Quapaw Agency. He published a book of poems titled Yon-doo-shah-we-ah (a.k.a. Nubbins), and a collection of Wyandot animal stories, Tales of the Bark Lodges (1919), from which A Prehistoric Race is excerpted.


Native American Classics:
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