Jack London ©2003 Marc Arsenault



Marc is best known for his comics work as an art director and editor for Tundra, Fantagraphics Books (the Vaughn Bodé library and Robert Williams’ Malicious Resplendence) and his own imprint, Wow Cool (www.wowcool.com). His illustrations have appeared in Zero Zero, Hyena, Monster, Rare Bit Fiends, Maximum Rock N Roll and on numerous record covers, T-shirts and concert posters. Currently, Marc is the art director for the martial arts equipment company Tiger Claw and spends his nights majoring in video art at the University of Tennessee. He says he enjoys bicycles, basketball, rollerblading, dive bars, haunted places, cotton clothing, cooking, and his son Luc Arsenault. Marc is also a musician, and has been a member of the “art group” Brown Cuts Neighbors since 1989. His illustration of Jack London appeared in the first edition of Graphic Classics: Jack London.