Nestor Redondo ©2002 Arnold Arre



Artist Arnold Arre worked in several ad agencies in the Philippines before deciding on a career as a freelancer, saying, “I guess I'm more of a storyteller than an advertiser.” Arnold tells his stories through both illustration and comics, as can be seen on his website at He has won two Manila Critics Circle National Book Awards for his graphic novels The Mythology Class (2000), a four-part action/adventure miniseries, and Trip to Tagaytay (2001), a future
fiction piece, released under his own studio, Tala Comics Publishing. His other graphic novels are After Eden (2003), Ang Mundo ni Andong Agimat (2006), and Martial Law Babies (2008). Arnold says comics are “a powerful medium that can reach out to audiences unlike any other. It is not like reading a book or watching a movie. It is somewhere in between.”
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