illustration ©
2003 Kostas Aronis



In addition to his illustration work, Kostas is an architect in Thessaloniki, Greece and works as a scenographer for the theater, State TV and private channels. He teaches in a school of arts in Thessaloniki and established the theater group “ACHTHOS,” to create performances and installations with a comics aesthetic. Kostas organized the first Intervalkanian Comics Festival as part of Cultural Olympiade 2004 and he is now preparing the second one. His illustrations and comics have been published in books, on CDs, and in magazines and newspapers in Greece. His first book, Between the Legs —Unbelievable Stories, was published in 2001, and Kostas is finishing his second, as well as preparing his next painting exhibition in Athens. His illustrations in Graphic Classics: Jack London were his first works to appear in the United States.


Graphic Classics: Jack London
(second edition)
144 pages, b&w, $10