illustration ©2012 Arigon Starr



Arigon Starr, now based in Los Angeles, is an enrolled member of the Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma. She is the creator of the Native American superhero “Super Indian,” which debuted in 2011 as a webcomic series and has been compiled into a graphic novel, Super Indian Volume One. Her illustrations are in demand by high-profile clients including the Autry National Center in Los Angeles and the rock band Queen. Arigon is also a singer, songwriter, musician, actor, and playwright and Wacky Productions Unlimited has released all four of her award-winning music CDs. She has appeared in a number of independent films and on television (ABC’s General Hospital and Showtime’s Barbershop: The Series.) Starr’s radio theater projects (Super Indian and The Red Road) were commissioned and produced by the Native Radio Theater Project and Native Voices at the Autry and broadcast nationally by Native Voice One.

Native American Classics:
Graphic Classics Volume 24
144 pages, color, $15